5 Tips For Marketing To College Students

5 Tips For Marketing To College Students
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College students are one of the most sought-for groups of people who lie in the 18-30 demographic range. If you want your marketing efforts to be successful, knowing your target market is of utmost importance. College students are young, dynamic and full of life. Their flexibility and urge to experiment with new things makes them a palatable market for young entrepreneurs.

The U.S is believed to be a home to more than 21 million+ college students who are tech-savvy and lead the way in establishing and driving marketing trends

. A major trendsetter is the social media usage amongst college students which has made the online world so diverse and information-rich.


  1. Campus Marketing


Yes! That is actually a type of marketing prevalent in today’s time that taps the massive college student market. Focusing marketing efforts solely and tirelessly on college campuses, the relevant companies and marketing agencies hire brand ambassadors who justifiably represent the brand and market the concept to potential customers. Creating events that promote your product or service, arranging contests and social media campaigns all directly cater to the individual needs and wants of the college students of today’s times.

  1. Embrace segmentation and target marketing

You can aptly frame your message until you have precisely identified which segment of your market are college students. Doing your homework beforehand and categorizing the information as per the needs of the consumer does not let your marketing efforts go to waste. Tailor the message as per your target market, sendemails that may particularly interest them, start and breathe life into college landing pages by keeping them updated and active and designcampaigns that have the unique element of connecting with college students on another level and it will eventually start translating into substantial results.


  1. Target the bulls eye directly

Create a brand image that is true to what you do and try to come out as real and genuine in the corporate world. Courteous, crisp and Call-to-action (CTA) messages leave an ever-lasting impression on the new generation. Irrespective of whatever age bracket you lie in, brands that are honest and true to their value proposition always steal the market share. Embed social media in your marketing messages in a way that your target consumers have no escape.

Do not beat around the bush while marketing your product or service and make a valid point clear cut. Because, a college student is juggling between various responsibilities, your message should be filtered and well-formulated to serve the purpose instantly.

  1. Design a pricing strategy that suits both the parent and the student

Just like young minds are impressionable and malleable to whatever you expose them to, similarly these years are the purchasing-power formulating years, when a person starts to make his purchase decisions as he moves into later stages of life like opting for a career, settling down and then approaching retirement. What one chooses in these years ultimately determines your lifestyle. A business minded person would view this as a golden opportunity to acquire a lifelong loyal customer but the dilemma here is about restrained budgets. While a few of the college students may be self-funded, many often rely on parents to fund their education. Compromising your profits for the first few purchases will get you a loyal customer in the door. Make their experience with you a truly memorable one and retain your customers by offering them better deals each time.

Hence, the pricing strategy that you adopt must be well thought out. It shouldn’t be too pricey to get your customers to think twice neither should it fail to create the brand value you aim to create in your customer’s eyes, because ultimately most college students would end up consulting their parents who have a fair and considerable knowledge of the market.

  1. Positive word of mouth can do wonders to your marketing strategy

College students can make or break your brand. If your pitch, touches their heart they may bring in a dozen more customers otherwise it is highly likely that don’t re-purchase your brand even. It’s all a word-of mouth game, one person likes a certain service or product and they market it ahead. Product development comes way before the actual marketing, so entrepreneurs are advised to do so.

When like-minded people or people of one age group meet they naturally tend to discuss what’s trending in the market and when product reviews are exchanged and valuable insight is gained into different products and service. A company having a good reputation and image in the mind of the consumers is sure to do well and gain a fair share of the market while getting their return on investment.

Student organizations and influential people around the college campus are great leads to market to college students.

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