5 Reasons You Should Commence Blog Commenting Today

5 Reasons You Should Commence Blog Commenting Today
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Splendid and meaningful comments seen on one’s blog post have the ability to turn mere page visitors into believers of a particular product or way of thinking. That is the reason why most websites today pay for people who will help them entice readers with their heaves of praises.

Here are five reasons why blog commenting is being sought after by online enthusiasts today.

It allows you to work at home with ease

Blog commenting is not your typical office job requiring you to work lengthy hours from 8-5. You can start or end work whenever you like, and itlets you drink Martini or Bacardi cocktail on the rocks without the guilt feeling that staying up late brings.

You can start this venture with a desktop or laptop, stable connection, a good network of web owners, and your polish writing-savvy skills in different blog niches (i.e., sports, healthy living practices, life hacks, trendy stuff on the Internet, and etc.)

While you can work anytime you want, bear in mind that perseverance pays off. A starting rate of a few dimes per comment or quality backlink attachment would eventually increase exponentially if you put time in working.

You do not necessarily need to have graduated from glaring universities

Yes, you read it right – even high school students can do it. This best suits students having difficulty paying off their student loans or for peeps who want to make money on the side.

You just need to build your online credibility (e.g., furnishing detailed online profile, having writing samples i.e. essay, verifying payment method, building online contacts, etc.) to win the trust of prospect website owners. This compensates for lack of education and gives employers the impression that you got what it takes to make beneficial commentaries.

It positions yourself as adept on the particular topic and helps drive traffic to your site

As you have noticed, the reader’s comments section on most blog sites are not only limited to words of enlightenment and knowledge; the presence of backlink serving as a portal to another website for additional information or query is not a new thing.

Imagine this, if you have a personal website or blog site, then the rewards will be doubled: you get around two to three bucks (which have little relevance now due to that thing called inflation) while offering your site to a bunch of new readers and subscribers.

You find the financial gain somehow small, right? But like what I have mentioned earlier, if you compound your efforts in making constructive comments, then you reap the benefits of a raise soon while making you and your site known to the diverse online world.

Wouldn’t it be nice to earn while improving your page rank?

It serves as host to other profitable ventures

Neil Patel, a world-renowned web influencer founding Crazy Egg and Hello Bar, told on his article entitled “How I Generated $25,000 with 249 Comments” that “those 249 comments resulted in 3,973 visitors and 6 consulting leads. And although I don’t do much consulting, I was able to turn one of those leads into a $25,000 corporate speaking gig”.

That is another long-term benefit of consistently contributing quality and informative blog comments to various websites. You get your craft, expertise, or sheer practical knowledge exposed to people who may be talent scouts looking for skilled contributors to employ.

Again, I want to reiterate that blog commenting, at first, may not be that profitable, but as you make progressyou will be introduced to people who may see your potential through that insightful blog comment of yours.

It is fun and unfolds learning opportunities

Taking the financial aspect of blog commenting out, the process itself is fun and helps you be versatile in writing. How? When you make a comment, you just don’t pitch an anemic statement saying “That is really awesome!” What a bright blog commenter will do is to put comments that are in relation to the content of the blog.

Now, how do you put relevant blog comments? You must devote time in doing research about facts, figures, statistics, and trends in the topic’s niche. When you read articles related to the specific blog post you’d like to comment about, it broadens your knowledge that you can use as future knowledge references.

Blog commenting can be really fun, depending on your tolerance for doing extensive studies to learn other disciplines.

Besides receiving lump sum paychecks from various sites you shared your word with, blog commenting makes you want to explore everything under the sun to better your next commentaries.

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