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3 must know hosting tips

3 must know hosting tips
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Choosing a hosting company is similar to choosing cable or phone provider. This is a highly technical service and many things may (and probably will) go array. In that regard, you have to get all the necessary information before you choose one of them and make a commitment.

Like other services, pricey, renowned providers are usually a better solution. However, this is not a rule and you can also get reliable hosting even if you choose a more economic option. If you are willing to make an additional effort, you can easily find the cheapest web hosting that can give you all the necessary options.

In this article, I will share three must know hosting tips that is necessary for choosing a new host.


Be economic with your money

Most of the people who get into blogging do so in order to promote their existing company or to create a new company online. No matter the case, you should always start by asking yourself “How much is this going to cost?”

The fact that service is cheap doesn’t mean that the company won’t try and get your money in some other way. Your basic package needs to provide you with everything that your website needs in order to work smoothly. Anything that requires additional fees is a bad sign and may deter you from choosing that company as a hosting provider.

In some cases, company may recommend products/software which you don’t actually need. This is way for them to make some more money. Furthermore, they will try and force some free trials. Even though this is not a direct cost or a fee, it is something that you should be careful about.

Besides this, cheap hosting companies have other methods of getting your money. For example, even if you basic package is cheap, you need to commit for a period of time that exceeds your initial intent. In some cases, you have to pay unreasonable cancellation fees. Lastly, even if the initial price was reasonable, renewalcosts may be high. Anyway, you will have to be very careful when reading terms of service and make sure not to miss anything.

Another trick is “Free domain”. With this offer, you can get free hosting (usually for a year). However, the hosting company retains ownership. After initial year, you will have to pay a hefty sum for renewal. This is why, when someone offers you a free domain, you have to ask how much renewal cost.


Check all technical aspects

Nowadays, most of the hosting companies provide you with numerous basic and additional options. Nevertheless, there are certain things that you have to check prior to signing the contract.

According to technical aspects, even the basic cheap hosting should be good enough to facilitate 50 basic domains with things such as email, basic web statistics, necessary server uptime etc.

First, you have to make sure that you are getting necessary bandwidth and disc space. This will allow you to host your website even if you increase quantity of uploaded files. Your server uptime has to be at least around 99 %, if not 100 %.

In some cases, company may offer unlimited storage. This is yet another ploy. Simply put, there needs to be a defined amount of storage available to customer. By determining this, company is able to avoid any improper use by its clients.

According to terms of service, there will always be certain storage space available to you. If you go over it, your contract may be terminated. But, if you are regular users, this is not an issue that will likely affect you. Anyway, as a precaution, it is better if you carefully read terms of service prior to signing.

Some companies may limit usage of MySQL. This is another thing on your checklist. Everything above 100 databases is ok.


The right people for the job

Even if the company meets all your criteria when it comes to technical aspects and fees, you still may have issues with people who are working there.

Basically, technical support is one of the crucial services that your hosting company has to provide. You may encounter numerous issues which you cannot solve by yourself. If the support desk is not efficient enough, you may get stuck with some problems which you cannot resolve by yourself, leading to stress and loss of productivity.

Lastly, after getting all the necessary data about hosting provider, you should take your time and read other people’s impressions with the company. You can find a lot of valuable information on the internet, describing potential issues which you may encounter.

Remember, even if everything is good on paper, there are some other, hidden problems that may arise afterwards. Nevertheless, you will have to be reserved when reading other people’s opinions. Naturally, the fact that someone had an issue with a company doesn’t mean that you will encounter same problems. Some people like to complain even if there is no real reason for it.

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