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2GBHosting – A Great Web Host for Your Web Hosting Needs (Review)

2GBHosting – A Great Web Host for Your Web Hosting Needs (Review)
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When you decide to start your own website and purchase a domain name, you will need to select the appropriate web hosting plan to bring your site onboard and make it accessible across the globe so that the audience from different continents can open your site and interact with it. Depending on your requirements, budget and projects you can choose from several web packages.

Three standard web hosting packages are shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting. There are a number of hosting providers the sell web hosting packages. However, you should rely on the reputed brands only. One such reputed hosting provider is 2GB hosting company.

2GB Hosting- An Introduction

2GB hosting company is a reliable name when it comes to hosting. The company enjoys high industry reputation of being one of the most efficient hosting providers. It has a presence in multiple continents and is staffed with the globally renowned team. For the last 10 years, the company has been offering quality services to its global clients across 120 countries including Australia, USA, UAE, France, Africa, and Japan. Its clientele includes international educational institutes, government healthcare organizations, insurance and finance sectors that shows the reliability of the company and proves its competency.

Evaluating the Services

The company offers a number of hosting plans specifically designed to cater to the client’s needs. Apart from Shared, VPS and dedicated hosting it offers other, more specific hosting plans too like Java hosting, SSD hosting, SEO Hosting, cloud hosting and a number of email and web solutions. However, we will evaluate the company based on general plans like Shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server. Let us now know about the various hosting plans offered by the company:

Hosting Plans Offered by 2GB Hosting

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Shared Hosting

Shared hosting plans are perfect for those who are just starting out their online journey. These plans are economical, scalable and easy to manage for the beginners with no specific technical knowledge. The resources are automatically managed/distributed as per the changing requirements of a website to ensure steady performance. For example, during the instances of high traffic, your site’s bandwidth will automatically be increased to keep the site performance unaffected.

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Site Management:

  • Linux: In the Linux shared hosting plan you can manage your website using the interface cPanel. cPanel combines ease of use and comprehensive management options. Its simple structure and user-friendly format make it a great choice for beginners while the extensive management options offer you the complete control over a different aspect of your website.
  • Windows: If you opt for windows hosting plan you will get the Plesk control panel. It is also widely used by the site owners. Its straightforward design and simple structure come with a number of management options that a user can choose depending upon the requirements and knowledge level. 

Resource Kit and Scalable Plans

The resource kit of a shared hosting plan is intelligently planned to offer an adequate amount of resources for comfortably running a site.

  • You will also get extra resources for future use. For example, even the most economical plan comes with 10 email accounts.
  • Besides, if your business grows in the future and you need even more accounts then you can simply upgrade to a business plan that provides you 50email accounts. Hence, you have the dual benefit of a readymade resource kit for the basic use and an option to buy extra resources in the future by simply updating the running plan.

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VPS Plan

As the site grows and traffic increases you will need more privacy, better security, and better resource availability. In that case, you can go for 2GB’s VPS Plan. It comes with an adequate space, dedicated resources, and better privacy options. It increases the storage capacity of the website, increases its average speed due to higher RAM and promises better privacy options to the clients.

One Click Operations

The plan simplifies the technical processes with the use of graphics interface and point-and-click commands.

  • For example, you don’t need to follow the lengthy process for rebooting the server. Just click the mouse once and the required process will be automatically be initiated.
  • Likewise, many other lengthy processes are automated and can take place just at a click of a mouse.

Round the Clock Monitoring

It is very important to keep round the clock track of decisive features like uptime or crucial resource availability. For that purpose, all VPS plans of 2GB come with 24-hour automated monitoring provision.

  • It will closely monitor uptime, web server or other essential resources. As soon as any issue surfaces the alert will be raised and necessary action plan will be initiated.
  • The entire process is pre-planned and thus is completely reliable.


2GB’s VPS plan comes with a complete set of business and marketing toolset. For example, you will get a Site Builder for building your own professional site with pick and drop mouse commands.

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Dedicated Servers

If you are looking for the most premium services for your business then you can opt for 2GB’s dedicated servers. These servers offer complete privacy, more security and a fully dedicated resource pool that you use as per the requirements.


2GB offers the dual benefits of essential resource packs for beginners a well as a provision to buy extra packs as per the future requirements. Professional tools manage business and CRM, wholesome management ecosystem and dependable after sales support other qualities that make2GB a preferable host when it comes to hosting.

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