24 Rules I Follow When Creating Successful Website

24 Rules I Follow When Creating Successful Website
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There are some rules for creating and building a successful website.

If you want to keep your website name in top list you had to follow these.

We are going to discuss about those key points to create a successful website.

  • Website loading time should be fast enough. Have a close look on memory intensive plugins.
  • Ensure high security. Hackers are always intended to take out the chances. Take a web host that has got 24/7 live support. Backup all your data’s.
  • Create a hassle free domain name without a DASH / Hyphen in between words.
  • Ensure that all your plugins are compatible. Upgrade in a regular manner. Check all your internal and external links.
  • Pick one social media for your campaigning. You may hire someone to look after all these.
  • Make a plan for all the things. Fix a target for next 3 months.
  • Focus on Google, Social Media and Email Marketing etc. These will enhance your traffic.
  • Ensure a regular posting. Stick to your website.
  • Ensure that people can contact you easily. Encourage them to do some positive criticism. This will help you to improve your site.
  • Make a unique plan. Don’t be with the mainstream. Try to do something exceptional.
  • Online promotions can bring high percentage of traffic for your website.
  • 80% of your traffic depends on your articles. So, focus on it.
  • Invest in a regular manner to your website. Think right now what you will do in future.
  • Don’t break the Laws of Attraction.
  • Think others competitive. And prepare yourself for that.
  • Never give up. You may have less traffic more initial stages. But gradually situation will change. So, have patience. The weakness lies in giving up.

Mistakes are common to human beings. So, don’t give up. Most important things about creating a successful website are hard work and dedication. There are no strict rules for success. It fully depends on your attitude. How you can suit yourself with all the situations.

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