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2022’s Top Tools to Track Downloads, Revenue & Ranking of Your App

2022’s Top Tools to Track Downloads, Revenue & Ranking of Your App
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Are you striving hard to make your app successful, right? But how will you measure the success of your app?

To know the success ratio of your application, it is necessary to track and analyze your application as you can develop, optimize, and market an application in a right way.

It doesn’t matter what your goals and plans are for your application, but you need some of the important metrics to evaluate how your application is performing like no of downloads, revenue, ranks, reviews, etc.

There are various leading mobile app development companies that constantly track and analyze the best and most downloaded apps on regular basis. All those companies are depending on different app tracking tools like Sensor Tower, App Annie, and AppFigures.

These tools do not require any kind of installation of an SDK, so there is no need to be hesitate while trying them by yourself to search the right fit. You can find many such app tracking tools that allow you to track these things, but picking a right one is not that easy.

Here are top tools of 2022 to track downloads, revenue, and ranking of your app:


Apsalar is the most useful tool that mainly focused on advertising attribution as it gives a good look at your marketing ROI. You can find out which marketing campaigns are working and which ones you need to drop.

The main mission of this tool is to help app business leaders and make the most of their marketing investments. In addition to this, they are also popular for delivering wonderful marketing tools like SmartTags that give you more detailed analysis of your marketing efforts.

App Annie

App Annie is one such advanced tool that will help you to track your app’s downloads, revenue analytics, and usage. Using this advanced tool, you can easily track your app comprehensively and know the performance of your ad campaigns.

You can obtain data and insights about your app and build better application businesses. Moreover, this high-end tool will also deliver analytics services and market intelligence, so mobile developers can target on developing apps, not on reports.

Google Mobile Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most useful tools that allow you to analyze data from all touch points in one single place for a deeper understanding of your customer experience.

Then, you can share the insights that matter to your whole organization.

By using Google Analytics, you can understand your app users to better evaluate the performance of your content, products, and more. Process and share a huge amount of data instantly with a simple to use interface that combined with shareable reports.


When it comes to Countly, they are marketing themselves as an enterprise solution; however, they deliver free and lower-priced solutions starting at $60 per month.

The best thing about this tool is that they provide real-time dashboard is easy to read and gives you access to the data you need, at a glance. You can also see in-app purchase data on top of standard analytics. In addition to this, they also claim to have SDKs for more platforms compared to any other analytics solution.

Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower is a highly well-known mobile app tracking tool that is popular for its ASO platform, but it also has Store Intelligence and Ad Intelligence products. This exclusive tool will equip you with the required data and insights that are required to master the mobile app ecosystem.

To check your app’s download and revenue data, you just simply need to link your iTunes or Google Play account to your Sensor Tower account. By connecting your iTunes account, you can get Apple Analytics data.


Appsee’s mobile analytics platform delivers in-depth analysis of your users’ behavior, enabling you to deliver the ultimate app experience. It delivers complete analytics of your app, offering from the other companies mentioned above.

Moreover, it allows you to record user sessions and see heat maps. Crash report is one such area, where this can be particularly used. You can see exactly what a user was doing before a crash happened.

ASO Dragon

ASO Dragon is the highly-advanced app store optimization tool, which allows users to sign-up for free and a 14-days free trial. This wonderful tool is helpful for app owners and developers to boost their application in their app stores by offering enormous features.

Mobile marketers can get everything they need to strategize their app store analytics. This tool will help you out in everything from competitive analysis to in-depth keyword research.


The best thing about Mixpanel tool is that it can be easily used by non-technical people and allows them to create custom queries, without knowing SQL.

Being the most powerful and advanced tool, it enables users to segment their users and check which segments are working exceptionally. No matter whether you are an executive, data scientist or a product manager, you can get a set of tools that customized to your unique product questions.

Mobile Action

Widely used as the most successful mobile app tracking tool, Mobile Action enables experienced app developers to enjoy enormous features like check app downloads, revenue data of your apps right on your dashboard.

By using this tool, you will get reports as email for your apps and integrate third-party analytics solutions. For professional mobile app developers, this tool is considered as a right solution that gives users on the tracking and ASO side of things. You can easily integrate in-app analytics platform.


appFigures is one of the most widely used mobile app tracking platforms that made for app developers, publishers, and the Enterprise.

The tool connects to everything that matters for your apps automatically and it turns your data into powerful and easy-to-understand reports for your entire app portfolio. From indie devs and small studios to mega-publishers and the Enterprise are using this exceptional tool that connects directly with stores, ad networks, and in-app analytics.

Above mentioned top 10 tools of 2022 to track downloads, revenue, and tanking of your application. These tools will help to constantly track your app and know how it is doing in terms of downloads and ranking. Moreover, you can also have your eye on your competitor’s app and get a complete report about it also.

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