20 Ways to Make Money with Your Website (part-02)

20 Ways to Make Money with Your Website (part-02)
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If you don’t read our previous post( part -01), click here.



In this article I will share you about 20 ways to make money with your website (part-02)




1.    Paid Surveys and Polls

You will see a great number of website owners use survey and polls in their website. So, this is another most popular and great way for making money online. Many companies like to calculate their present condition by survey. If you have a website where a lot of traffics visit daily, you can use this service.

 2.    Donations

Connecting a “Donate” link or button on your website can be an essential way to earn money, basically if your website is on a niche where visitors learn and gain value from your content.

 3.    In-text Adverting

In-text adverting networks such as; Vibrant Media and Kontera will place sponsored links inside your articles. These links escort a double underline to differentiate them from traditional links, and once the user rolls the mouse over the link the advertising can pop. Should the user click on the location owner can create some cash. Some website owners make good money with this method, but others doesn’t like it because of its intrusiveness.


 4.    Pop-ups and Pop-unders

Pop-ups are a normal nevertheless annoying kind of advertising on the net. If you are attempting to earn much money from your website, you may experiment with them.

If you are attempting to increase the traffic and loyal guest, however, you almost certainly should stay from them.

Ad networks that use pop-ups:

  • Tribal Fusion
  • PayPopup
  • PopupAd
  • Adversal

 5.    Audio AdS

This is also called as PPP(Pay Per Play). This ad method is known as Net Audio Ads. The system is very simple, play a small audio advertising. The visitors mayn’t be able to stop it. It is just rolling test.

Indirect Methods


 6.    Selling an Ebook


Perhaps, one of the most popular money making strategies on the net, using a blog to promote a related e book is a very effective way to generate income. If you don’t see our previous post about selling an e book, click here.


 7.    Selling a hardcover books

Many authors and journalists like to sell their hardcover books by their blog or website. First they will build their authority on the subject via their website and they will publish their book.

List of self publishing and publishing services:

  • Lulu
  • Self publishing
  • Juniverse
  • Wordclay

 8.    Selling Templates or WordPress Themes

At present, website template and wordpress template have become hotter and warmer. Many website owners earn a lot of money by selling website templates or wordpress themes. Brian Gardner and Unique Blog Designs are two better examples of blog that earn money with the sales of wordpress theme.


 9.    Creating an Email List or Newsletter


Creating an email list and newsletter is another to make money online by blog or website.


 10.   Offering Consulting and Related Services


Standing your website, you can make money by offering consulting and related services. If you are the author of your site and the article certifies your expertise on that matter, making money will be easier.


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