20 Ways to Make Money with Your Website (part-01)

20 Ways to Make Money with Your Website (part-01)
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There are several ways to make money online.

All are not popular and reliable. So, you should follow only reliable and popular ways.


 In this article I will share with you about 20 ways to make money online with your website.


Many people think, Google Ad sense is only way for making money. It’s not fully correct. It is one way but there is a lot of way to make money with your website. A website may be a business center where you can earn by many ways.


I have divided this way as a 2 category.


1.    Direct Methods

2.    Indirect Methods

                                        Direct Methods:


 1.    PPC Advertising Networks

Google Ad sense is the most popular and reliable way under this category. If you don’t know about Google Ad sense click here for our previous Google Ad sense post. Actually you need to sign up here with your website and personal details. You will get some html code that is relevant with your site. Take and paste it in your site and you will earn a good amount of money for every click.


List of some popular CPC Advertising Networks:


  • Google Ad Sense
  • Yahoo! Publisher Network(YPN)
  • Bidvertiser
  • Chitika
  • Clicksor

 2.    CPM Advertising Networks

CPM Advertising Networks use as PPC networks that get paid according to the number of impressions. A blog that generates 1,00000 page views monthly displaying an advertising banner with a $1 CPM, you may earn $100 monthly.


List of some popular CPM Advertising Networks:

  • Casale Media
  • Burst Media
  • Value Click
  • Advertising.com
  • Tribal Fusion
  • Right Media

 3.   Dirrect Banner Advertising

Selling your own advertising space is one of the best and attractive monetization methods. You need a qualify website for it. The most popular banner formats for a website are the 728×90 leaderboard, the 120×600 skycraper, the 300×250 rectangle and the 125×125 button.


 4.   Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another most popular and permanent way on the internet. If you don’t know about affiliate marketing see our previous affiliate marketing post. You will get a commission if any product sells by your website. Most of the website owner uses this system and they are successful.


    List of some popular affiliate marketplaces and Networks:

  • Commission Junction
  • Amazon
  • Click Bank
  • Azoogle Ads
  • Link Share

 5.   Sponsored Reviews

PayPerPost pioneered this model.Soon another companies followed, Sponsored Reviews and Sponsored Review Me, repairing the process and increasing the paid blogging model.

Join one of these sponsored reviews marketplaces. They will give you opportunity to write sponsored post on a wide range of topics.


List of some popular sponsored reviews and paid blogging networks:

 6.   RSS Feed Ads

Now a day, millions of internet users and website owners are starting to find ways to monetize this new content distribution channel.

Feed burner has already started it’s own publisher network and you can start by sign up for displaying CPM based advertising on your feed footer. Bidadvertiser recently added RSS feed ad option with PPC scheme.


Related Links:

  • Feed burner
  • Bidadvertiser
  • Pheedo

 7.   Sponsors for single columns or Events

If your website has any specific columns or events (e.g. a weekly podcast, an interview series, a monthly survey, a special project) you could get companies to sponsor them individually. Mashable use this option. They have several advertising action on the site including the “Daily Poll” and the “Web 2.0 Invites”.


 8.   Premium Content

There are 2 kinds of websites. Some are giving opportunity to read their articles totally free. Some are giving by charging money. They have premium content. SEOMoz is good example of them. They have good articles that give good advice and more information on world wide of SEO related topics. So, this is the way if any site is with good content and huge information.


 9.    Private Forums

Forums may be a source of income if you have secret techniques, tools and so on. Visitors will join in your site by paying money. SEO Blackhat demands $100 monthly from its members.


 10.   Job Boards

Many popular websites are trying to use job boards to make extra money. To get profitable money you need huge traffic. Once you will build your site, the job listing will come naturally. You can demand from $10 up to $100 for each.

List of some popular job board software:

  • JobThread
  • Webscribe Job Board
  • SimplyHired Job-o-matic


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