10 Ways You Can Make Money With A Photography Blog

10 Ways You Can Make Money With A Photography Blog
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So you have a great photography blog and you want to use it to monetize your photography skills? Well, we have some good ideas to help you earn money. The only criterion is that you have good photography skills.

So if you think you have exceptional photography skills and you want to use them to make money then here are 10 tips you need to follow:

1.     Give Photography Tuitions

Being a photography expert, you can offer your insights and skills to budding photographers who want to learn this art. What you can do is shoot your videos and publish them on your blog that visitors can watch to improve their photography skills. This will benefit both you and your visitors. They will get to learn the art of photography and you will make some good bucks.

2.     Sell Your Best Photos

You can turn your blog into a business website where you can sell your best photographs at good rates. The process is fairly simple. All you have to do is publish a gallery of your photographs and link your blog to a payment system. If a visitor likes your photographs and wants to purchase them, he will make the payment and you will transfer the rights to that person.

3.     Sell Through Emails

As soon as you start getting visitors, you can get their email addresses. You can then sell them your best photos with help of emailing. Make sure that your emails look like a true sales letter that pitches your best shots in a compelling way.

Just like students hire the best coursework writing service UK to write their papers, you can even take help of an expert copywriter to help you craft a tempting email copy that can make the leads by your photos.

4.     Sell Your Photography Skills

If you are a professional photographer then your blog can serve as a contact point between you and your clients. You can put your work portfolio on your blog that the clients can see to evaluate the depth of your photography skills.

If they get impressed by your photography skills, they will be able to contact you and get your quote. Similarly, you can create a pricing page where your clients can check the different rates you charge for different types of events.

5.     Offer Photography Editing Services

Apart from lending your photography skills, you can even sell your photo editing services that clients can hire to enhance their photos. To promote your services, you can start publishing videos that show your editing skills and you can share them on social media.When people watch the videos, they will want to hire you to edit their photographs.

6.     Take Advantage ofthe Power of Social Media

Social media is a powerful medium that can showcase your talent to the world. Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, and Kate Upton are some of the people who got phenomenal popularity through social media. Similarly,if you want to seek the attention of the people, you need to publish your photos on social media and let people know your killer photography skills.

7.     Earn From AdSense

If you have plenty of traffic to your blog then you can start earning good money from AdSense. There is a range of options when it comes to making money from AdSense, such as video ads, text ads, and banner ads.All these forms of ads can help you make a decent amount of money with your photography blog.

8.     Write An Ebook

Writing and publishing an ebook is another way you can make money from your photography blog. You can write in-depth ‘tutorials’ about different facets of photography or write a ‘how-to’ guides to give insights into a particular aspect of photography.

However, you need to get some traffic on your blog before you can sell your ebooks. Once you start getting the flow of visitors, you can then put your ebooks for sale.

9.     Run An Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program is a simple and easy way you can earn money with your photo blog. With this form of monetization, you can partner with online businesses and put their website links on your blog. Again, you will need to have a good flow of traffic to your blog before you can start earning income.

After you get a reasonable number of visitors, you’ll be in a stronger position to run an affiliate program with an online business. However, you need to be particular with the online businesses you associate with and make sure they match with your specific niche.

10.     Optimize Your Photo Blog

And last but not the least.

A photo blog is your selling point that needs to be optimized if you want to get in front of your online buyers. You can do it by applying the best SEO practices that work within your industry.

The first step to search engine optimization is always the market analysis. This requires a thorough keywords research so that you know the keywords that work in your industry. Google Keyword Planner is a good tool that you can use to achieve this goal.

Likewise, you can perform competitor analysis to oversee the online activities of your competitor and what is helping them in their business.

These are some of the ways you can earn some good money as a photo blogger. Hope they help sell your photography skills through your blog.

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Ishika Agarwal is a photo blogger, educator, and a digital marketer. She is a multifaceted professional with various skills in different jobs. But her claim to fame is the exceptional academic writing skills that she offers to students to write their papers. In her free time, she likes to capture good photos.

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