10 Tech Tools to Engage Students

10 Tech Tools to Engage Students
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Technological advances have led to a considerable increase in the educational programs that incorporate the use of tech tools or gadgets. Some education curriculums have even approved the use of technological devices in classrooms. The effectiveness of such programs have thus increased the use of smart gadgets so much more that they have become an integrated part of our lives. Simple routine daily tasks are now being executed with the use of a navigated GPS, smart phone and a laptop computer.

With an increasing use of technological tech tools, young adults are among the most frequent users as they are more connected with the use of technology and tech tools where they provide easier facilitation and access to information which is crucial for their educational programs. With more sophisticated use of tech tools, students can easily grasp and retain information which is necessary for their higher educational programs and courses.

With more technology being incorporated into classes for the purpose of enhancing the learning process, we bring you the 10 tech tools to engage students with their educational endeavors. Some of these tech tools might be a little expensive so you better start smart saving while in college.

  1. A Travel Laptop

Let’s face it, no first year freshmen can survive without a nice travel laptop. A nice high powered laptop can do more than just your assignments, projects or thesis work, they can store your important data files like pictures, music, videos, movies, documents etc. With internet accessibility, you can do wonders for the support of your education or install important software like SPSS, Skype, Microsoft office or editing tools.


Make sure you choose a laptop with ample of charging power, portability, easy to carry and offers everything according to your convenience.

  1. External Hard drive

Being a student, we can understand how much data you need to carry with yourself at all times for important documents, e-books, pictures, videos and so much more. And there is no knowing if your data can be corrupted, deleted or hacked out of your email account. Therefore it is necessary to keep an external hard drive just in case as a backup option to store your important data and acquire it whenever in need.


  1. A Smartphone

Smartphones are pretty much becoming the thing for today that has everything integrated into it; a HD screen for viewing, a built in Wi-Fi for internet connectivity, a Bluetooth for file sharing, a megapixel camera for taking pictures along with a selfie camera and ofcourse, a good amount of use mobile applications to keep you company like games, editing tools and education apps.

Just make sure to choose a smartphone which has it all.


  1. A Pair of Speakers

Just when you are exhausted from studying for countless hours and decide to relax a bit, you can always put on some great soothing music to keep you calm and relax your nerves. Keep your choices limited and go for speakers with better sound quality, Bluetooth connectivity with your smartphone, portable design for easy carry and all the important jacks to setup a theater system if you decide to watch a movie.

  1. A Webcam

All college students use Skype for video calling to keep in touch with family, friends or for long distance relationships. So to make your conversations are more lively and energetic, you must have a HD webcam device. Most webcams are attached with your laptops but there is no guarantee if they offer high definition viewing or not. A separate HD webcam with a super high-end camera will provide you with the best video quality and conversations where you can also zoom in or turn the webcam in any direction you like.

  1. A Separate Portable Charger for Your Smartphone

With an increasing usage of your smartphone and the constant connectivity with Wi-Fi, your smartphones can easily be drained out of power juice anytime on the go when most needed. For such desperate times, you need to buy yourself a portable charger to connect with your smartphone whenever in need.

  1. Headphones

Long study hours can get a bit boring and you might need just a little serious music listening which sounds right and delivers an optimal level of music playback with superior sound and music quality. Go for the noise cancelling headphones so that you can get used to listening to music while studying or when there’s noise in the background


  1. A Smart Watch

With all these smart gadgets, you can’t miss out on a smart watch for iOS or android. It’ll be nice to see all your important notifications right at your wrist which is certainly a game-changer for students while they are jogging or doing fitness activities. Certainly, you won’t have to wait out on your smartphone to show you an email pop up. Go for the smart watch which is waterproof and has up to a week’s worth of battery time.

  1. A Portable USB Batter Power Pack

A good high capacity portable battery will keep your smartphone alive and on the go for at least a couple of hours before you can find a power source outlet. We recommend to go for a portable battery that can provide ample, reliable power in a jiffy and is compact in a well-built design to easily fit in your back pocket. A portable battery pack will provide your smartphone with more juice in times of serious crisis.

  1. An Mp3 player

Last on our list is an mp3 player. Phones are clunky and just when you need something which is particularly small in size and can easily go with your extreme workout routines then a nice mp3 would do the trick for you. It doesn’t need to have a HD screen, just 2 GB storage is more than enough to store a couple of hundred songs or a handful of audiobooks or podcasts.

So in the world of smart tech, these smart tech tools are with the most flair and utility for educational endeavors and even in times of emergency.


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