10 Great Social Networking Tips And Tricks.

10 Great Social Networking Tips And Tricks.
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I hope that you use multiple social networking sites like Face book, Twitter and others.

These are best platform to increase your business or social activity. But, you have to follow some rules to get advantages from this network.

This 10 social networking tips and tricks will give you to establish a stronger network and online social presence for the next level.

Here are 10 ways to promote your social status.

1. Listen to your audience

Three factors are important in the social networks. They are visitors, visitors and visitors. Determine what type of people you are trying to pay attention to what they say. Making an RSS feed using Tweet Deck and Seesmic social chat listening.

2. Participate and Collaborate

Set goals for production activity monitoring contacts for your efforts. How many Retweets you on Twitter? How many retweets to generate your blog? Use external tools like Retweetist and Retweet iPhone application to influence social media networks and measuring your influence .Klout is one of those tools that allow you to keep track of their impact on social media networks.

3. Join the specific network

Whatever your interest is a social network dedicated to you. You can use the specific network such as: Digg for social news hound,Fanvibe for sports, Last Fm for music,Kickstarter for fundraising,Deviantart for artist or Ozmosis for doctor.To find your niche network, Google search on “your subject and social media“.

4. Use the social media dashboard

Save time by using tools like Hoot Suite to manage accounts and its activities in the various services, social media, Twitter, Word Press, Face book, Foursquare and others including. Hoot Suite allows you to send and read messages and tracks mentions of you, lets you set up posts and updates for the next Auto post prior to the appointment. Many of the best Twitter clients, for example, where you manage other social networks will be able to.

5. Ask lots of questions

Ask a great way to attract new links include your contacts and learning new things. It increases your visibility to your content on the network when people respond to your comments or questions. But be careful to read and reply to the answer.

6.  Link, link and link

Link is another great way for social networking. Add your link when publish your posts, status updates, Tweets, and other content. You can also upload files and link to them. For example, you can use Twile share app for its.

7. Time Your Tweets

Noon Eastern Standard Time can be considered as a great tweeting time for getting bigger audience.

8. Use Mobile Helpers

If you have a smart phone, you can install specific helper application software to send information and receive massage on your valuable social networks.

9. Create a Visual Identity

Tweak your profile on Twitter and other social networks to create a visual identity home unique. Create a custom Twitter background; add more information and your personal Twitter presence.

10. Back up Your Virtual Self

When you have time to build a strong social network, social identity does not allow going up in smoke. Use existing tools for backing up the profile picture and status updates. You can use backup tool on Face book under “download your information” in the “account settings” area. For Twitter, you can use a third party tool like Tweet stream or Tweet scan.

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