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10 easy Google Ad sense tips with great results.

10 easy Google Ad sense tips with great results.
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  • Google Ad sense  program issued by millions of web bloggers around the entire world.

  •   Some of them are successful and some of them are unsuccessful. It is easy to use or set up but you need a good number of visitors to your site.

Now, I will share 10  Google Ad sense tips with great results, as it were ,you can be a successful blogger easily.


  1. All the time check your blog reports to understand which article is increasing visitors to your site. Understanding your visitor’s mind you should write articles.
  2. You have to ensure that you are fully conscious about the Google Ad sense’s terms   and conditions. Don’t use it wrong way. You may be banned for the long time.
  3. Provide an E-mail News letter option in your website.
  4. Always try to write well-written content. You should be conscious about grammar and spelling. Try to write with huge information.
  5. You should keep in mind that Black Hat SEO is wrong way. Don’t try in this way.
  6. Try to create an ads unit which includes text and image. In this system text and image will be displayed and you can expect a good number of clicks by the visitors.
  7. Perhaps, the best position of the advertisements is in the top of your any blog. If you want, you can follow it.

8. Write user friendly articles as if they can be benefited by your articles. Because visitor  is the main sources of getting your daily revenue.

9.Don’t try to click on your own ads to get more money and also   don’t request visitor to click.

      10. Try to use 300×250 medium rectangle, 336×280 large   rectangle, or 160×600  wide skyscraper ad formats. These are considered as the best performing Ad sense ad format.


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