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10 Best plugins to speed up your wordpress site

10 Best plugins to speed up your wordpress site
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No one will like your blog if they have to wait long for it to load. With faster loading of your site visitors will enjoy spending time on it and better. There are lots of plugins saying that they are best for speeding up WordPress site.


Here we have listed you top 10 plugins which will surely help you to get your site speed in top gear.


1. W3 Total Cache: It caches every part of your site and optimizes your server performance and with that improves it. You can boost your site speed by at least 5 times more than it is now.


2. WP Avoid Slow: This plugin will help you to avoid slow loading of your site. That header helps visitors to make all parts of page cacheable which reduces unnecessary HTTP requests.


3. Optimize DB : Here with just one click you can optimize tables of your database and speed up your MySQL. It reduces the query execution time and with that reduces psychical space usage on disk.


4. WP HTTP Compression: Your site pages will be at least 50% smaller and that will speed up downloading times of those pages. Don’t use WP HTTP Compression plugin along with WP Super Cache or WP Cache plugins.


5. Clean Options: It is simple plug-in that allow you to remove unused options from wp options file table which will help you to reduce loading time of your site because it helps you to save files.


6. JS & CSS Script Optimizer: With that you can speed up your site and reduces number of HTTP requests. With this you can combine few scripts into one and exclude scripts which show some errors.


7. Plugin Organizer: Plugin Organizer gives you ability to change the order by which plugins are loading when somebody enters your site. It is perfect for you because it can significantly speed up loading time of your site.


8. Blog Cacher: It is another simple plugin that caches your pages to speed up loading time of your blog.


9. Hyper Cache: Which provides low resources this plugin is simply perfect for you. It will significantly speed up your blog.


10. PHP Speedy: Really useful tool which will help you to boost performance of your site and attract more users.


These are all about. Now go for any of these.




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