Tips and Tricks to Successful Lead Generation Campaign on Facebook

Tips and Tricks to Successful Lead Generation Campaign on Facebook

Facebook has become an important business tool that any serious marketer should consider using. With more than 1.71 billion subscribers,it is the biggest social site with the largest consumer base that can catapult a low making business into a highly profitable one by tapping onto its advertisement techniques.

Through this, both small and big companies have been able to reach out to new audiences that otherwise could not have been reached using ordinary methods thereby increasing sales.

Facebook leads generation ads increase businesses’visibility online which in turn drives to creation of an online community as people continue to like or follow their page.

We all know that attracting a huge traffic to a website is something e-marketers prioritize. Although traffic generation is not easy, professionals do achieve at one way or another. Nevertheless, the most difficult part remains the actual conversion of traffic into leads.

Thanks to Facebook lead ads, the dream of rapid customer base growth can turn into the reality fast.If well implemented, the following tips and tricks can become reliable client generation tools:

  1. Inclusion of links to the landing pages in visual postings

Including videos and images helps in rerouting traffic generated on one’s timeline to a landing website page. A surveythat was conductedsometimes backshows that visual-less postingsresults into generation of lesser subscribers.


The trick here is to include links in the description of profile pictures and in website‘s ‘about us’ page so that people who may want to know more aboutyour product,canuse that link to visityour website.Don’t forget about short description like websites for reviews british essay writers review have. In that process, they may leave their details,for example by subscribing to newsletters, etc.thereby becoming new leads.


  1. Use of Facebook live videos for campaigns

This is a use of the embedded Facebook’s video platform to broadcast live videos from mobile devices. Surveys done by the Facebook Companyshows that live videos increases engagement rates – live videos attracts comments ten times more than ordinary videos.

What e-companies should do is to make Facebook lead generation offers and use such videos for promotion of their products. For instance, one may create a Facebook live video with questions and answers and try to engage viewers live on cameraso as to respond to their issues.


  1. Pinning posts withcustomer-generating offers at the top of walls or timelines

This is done by pinning an advertpost that has a lead-generating link at the top of the page’s timeline where it remains for about a week or so.


Doing sosingles outthat specific post from other posts thereby catching theeyes ofviewers.The post can be a live video, an image or just an ordinary post with a descriptive textual message.


  1. Embedding a call-to-action feature on a Facebook page

This is another tool used toinitiate customer interest that any serious marketer should consider. The tool was introduced back in 2014 and enables users to add a call to action button to the top of their timelines.



It is a simple but powerful tool aimed at driving traffic from Facebook ads to a website’s lead generation pages such as contact sheets, subscription pages etc.


  1. Seeking reviews for products

This strategy can drasticallyincrease the opportunities for customer generation. It involves posting a Facebook update about a product on one’s timelineand thenasking fans to reviewit. Thelinks directing clients to landing pages where they can subscribe to get free trials or download free wares should beincluded.


You should also ensure that there is someone tocomment and respond to comments about products. This has to be a person who can take criticism positively,as this is the only way toearn respect from critics.


  1. Another trick is by making a Facebook event

While we have talked about various strategies of converting traffic from social sites into leads, another great advertising technique is the use of webinars.


While it is easy to create webinar sign-up form and post it on one’s timeline, a more effective way is to create a Facebook event to direct fans to registration pages in a website thereby getting new leads.Events are better in that they are more visible than webinars.

The Facebook lead generation campaigntools discussed aboveare just some of the many tools used in e-commerce engagements. Social media is constantly developing new onesto make businesses increase their sales and therefore in future we may get other new tools.




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