The Most In-Demand SMM Skills in 2017

The Most In-Demand SMM Skills in 2017


In 2017, social media marketing started to change completely from ‘the maintenance of pages in social networks’ to one of the leading commerce engine in our daily life. The Internet advertising retail and SMM become different by being more ‘alive’ and try to adapt to the interests of users. New features, like ‘Stories’ on Instagram and Facebook, are not just a fashionable innovations;they are the reflection of what users desire to see. Avoid the usage of them –lose sight of the wishes of your potential audience.

There are several opportunities in social media, which you have to master on a daily basis right now.

New format of video content

There is no longer need of expensive vid equipment if you want to produce something. Not necessary for good skills to have, but the presence of the smartphonewill save. The management of small movies for social networks become more than affordable. Bentley’s promotional film ‘Intelligent Details’was created with the help of iPhone.

The speed of the mobile Internet is constantly increasing. If couple years ago, users used to close every image in the mobile browser for faster loading of the page, todayit is not a problem to watch a televised image from the phone. This motional content steadily capturessocial networks, and now it is high time to start creating it. Dozens of Facebook accounts illustrate the majority of posts with recorded film, including the 360° format.


Popularity of online broadcasts

One of the most long-range formatsof social media marketingskills is the usage of live video. Due to statistics, 80% of consumers prefer Facebook’s online streamsto regular television broadcasting as thisschemehelps them to interact with the facilitator of the particular event and other viewers.

Start with studying of what social networks is the most popular among your target crowd. Review it every six months, as offers of the onlinemediatransform, and with them can modify the preferences of people who could be your probable customers. For you to be in front of your clients, it is important to organize live broadcasts at least in the main webchain. Online sessions of questions and answers with your buyers work well, as you can demonstrate your products to a greater degree. Facebook admits that live publications receive ten times more involvement than regular ones. For example, MasterCard Company this year spread online a solar eclipse on their Facebook profile.


Practice of Chatbotsfor communications

Due tostatistics ofChatbots Magazine, 62% of Generation Y used to work with chatbotsand 65% of them estimated this experience positively. Other consumers admit the lacking of additional accuracy and more natural sound of chatbots.

A great interest in thistopic and the forward-looking evaluation of users modify the idea of ​​this in-demand technology. If earlier chatbotswere taken up as one of the ways to save on managers, now it becomes clear that the possibilities are much broader. Chatbots allow you to collect and analyze data to improve the quality of service in general.

If you think that it is a piece of cake that can be mastered by anyUniversity writingspecialist in hours of research,that’s where you wrong. It is a self-contained sciencethat demands your constant improvement.

24 hours’ content
‘Stories’ feature in Instagram is a powerful social media skill for marketers now. This lay out turns into very trendy because a photo or video will disappear within 024 hours after publication and it motivates subscribers to watch every new story.

It is worthwhile noting that accounts with more than 10,000 followerscan post direct links to the site in ‘Stories’. If you snap up a picture with the inscription “See More”, you will be redirectedto the site.


Native advertising

The‘banner blindness’is known fact for the world, and it is obvious that the Internet advertising market has to make up new patterns to keep users’ attention. The main and most effective of them in the near futurecan be native advertising. That means, the publications, which are not adopted as advertising itself.

Before mastering skills in native displaying, it is meaningful to figure out the main principle of it: such show-card is not just alike to a useful content, it is a useful matter itself. For example, the company-manufacturer of products can sponsor posts with recipes in the food blog. Netflix tends to be the leading innovator in this field: for example, presenting Narcos TV series, the company in collaboration with The Wall Street Journal published an article titled ‘Cocainenomics’, which told the history of the drug gang,Pablo Escobar.


In general, advertising and marketing, including SMM –are the leading social media jobs nowadays. These fields become more ‘humane’, and brands before selling goods start to think about the interests of the client.


Helen Birk is a freelance writer, who cooperates with the graduates all over the world by helping them to cope with difficult tasks at the university. Who else but she knows about marking and targeting of the product.As the owner of a degree in nutrition, she contributes her knowledge at the numerous discussion platforms on the food and health topics.










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