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Guest are accepted and encouraged to write for Quick Money Blogs. As an honor of a Guest blogger, you will get the opportunity to put the link of your website/blog/personal profile or even social link if you want. Guests are requested to mail the post through mail. Send your post at After reviewing your post, we will inform you via mail and then the post will be published.


              Guest Post Special Offer !

If you want to keep your link for lifetime, you can follow our paid offer.

  1.  Per Post-             $10
  2. Per 5 Post-           $30
  3. Per 10 Post-         $60

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Paid Post Offer

If you want to work with us for long time,you can choose our reliable Monthly/Yearly package.

Monthly Membership

  1. Per Month-        $100  ( Upto 30 Articles)
  2. Per Year-           $800 ( Upto 35 Articles Per month)

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Paid Offer


If you want to work with us for lifetime,you can choose our reliable Lifetime package.

  1. Lifetime –       $2000  ( Upto 35 Articles Per Month)

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Why you will use paid post offer

  1. At first, we will share your post in Facebook,Twitter,Google Plus,LinkedIn.

  2. Second, we will submit your article in social bookmarking for quick index.

  3. Third,We will send your article to hundred of targeted visitors by our paid E-mail Marketing software.

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    Guest must be following our rules when writing article:

  1. It must be related our site and topics.
  2. It must be unique.
  3. It must be more than 300 words.
  4. It must be SEO friendly.
  5. Only 3-4 links are accepted for 300-350 words. If more words, then more links.





  • John Crooks

    Guest Blogging sounds like a great idea to get more traffic to your site, if you can find the time to create more unique content, other than for your own sites.

    The only thing that I wonder about is if the blog that you are writing for takes all these guest bloggers on, won’t that mean a lot of links going out of his site, thus dropping his rankings in Google?

    • Abdullah Mahmud

      Thanks a lot.

  • Roxy Chan

    Its a great idea and kind of you to allow bloggers to make their skill much established and learn a lot from a well established blog like yours. I have mailed you regarding guest blogging.. 🙂

    • Abdullah Mahmud

      Thanks for contact.
      I did not get your guest mail.
      I shall try my best to take care your next time mail.

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