18 Best Ping Site List To Index Your Site Very Fast

18 Best Ping Site List To Index Your Site Very Fast

Ping tools are very familiar to index any blog into a search engine or web directory very fast in a short time. You can get lots of auto backlink with these ping site list and it will increase your SEO ranking very fast. Don’t worry, you don’t need to know special skill to manage these tools. Just give your site URL, blog title or some necessary information and press the ping button. These tools will submit your URL automatically in the major search engine and blog or web directory. I have visited many sites to collect best ping tools. From them, I have listed 18 best ping tools.

In this article, I will share 18 best ping tools list that will index your site very fast.

Here is the list of best ping tools…

1. Pingomatic.com – PR 6

2. Twingly.com – PR 6

3. Auto-ping.com – PR 5

4. Feedshark.brainbliss.com – PR 5

5. Mypagerank.net – PR 5

6. Icerocket.com – PR 5

7. Blo.gs – PR 5

8. Bitacoras.com – PR 5

9. Totalping.com – PR 4

10. Ping.in – PR 4

11. Pingler.com -PR 4

12. Googleping.com – PR 3

13. Pingoat.net – PR 3

14. Pingfarm.com – PR 3

15. Pingmylink.com – PR 3

16. Pingsitemap.com – PR 2

17. Blogbuzzer.com – PR 2

18. Bulkping.com – PR 2

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This is an automatic submission tool. You don’t use all tools in a day. It may be spam in Google. You should use only one or two tools in a day for getting better benefit without penalized by Google.



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